Alja-Safe Acrobat

Fiber-Reinforced “Non-Sag” Life Casting Alginate

Alja-Safe® Acrobat® is a fiber reinforced “non-sag” version of Smooth-On’s original Alja-Safe® life casting alginate. Acrobat® is thicker and holds vertical surfaces allowing the user better control for making molds of the face, torso, and other body parts. Acrobat® reproduces perfect detail from all body surfaces and is good for making temporary molds that can be used to make highly detailed reproductions.

Alja-Safe™ Acrobat™ is skin safe and certified by an independent laboratory.

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Alja-Safe Acrobat

Alja-Safe Acrobat is a fiber reinforced "non-sag" version of original Alja-Safe life casting alginate.
3 lb 3 lbs. 31324685
20 lb 20 lbs. 1874928049

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