Can I use any polymer in my GFRC?

Article courtesy of Smooth-On, Inc.

No. Not all white, milky polymers are created equal. There are many different chemistries resulting in many different properties of the polymer. For GFRC, it is recommended to use an acrylic-based polymer, with all-acrylic providing the best performance. Many concrete polymers and bonding agents on the market should be avoided in GFRC. SBR’s are not UV stabile and will yellow over time. PVA’s will hydrolyze when wet, becoming water soluble. Only Forton® VF-774, an all acrylic co-polymer, was developed specifically for GFRC.


This FAQ article is offered as a guideline and offers possible solutions to problems encountered during mold making and casting. No warranty is implied and it is up to the end user to determine suitability for any specific application. Always refer to the provided Technical Bulletins (TB) & Safety Data Sheets (SDS) before using any material. A small scale test is suggested to determine suitability of any recommendation before trying on a larger scale for any application.