Shawn Farrow Creates High Quality Shoe Sculptures With the Help of Reynolds-Seattle


Reynolds – Seattle customer Shawn Farrow has always had a desire to sculpt with clay and creates custom sculptures of various Nike Sneakers. People refer to sneakers as “Wearable Art”, but Shawn wanted to create genuine art pieces of the same designs.

Shawn came into Reynolds-Seattle with his original clay sculpture and no prior mold making experience wanting to learn how to make replicas of his work. Originally Shawn was planning on casting in ceramic or plaster but was not happy with the strength or surface finish of his sculptures.

After consulting the Reynolds team, he began casting in Smooth-Cast™ series resin and achieved higher quality castings. He was able to successfully replicate his sculpt by creating two-part molds using Mold Star™ 30, casting with Smooth-Cast™ 305 and then would paint them in various styles and colors.

After about 2 years of organically growing his presence on social media, Shawn has garnered the attention of the sneaker community. His sculptures have been posted by large Streetwear company Complex, and even Nike’s own direct to consumer newsletter.

You can keep up with Shawn and his Sneaker Art through his social media.