Prop Art Studio Creates Detailed Dinosaur Sculptures Using Free Form™ Sculpt


Prop Art Studio, an award-winning, full service industrial commercial art studio in Detroit, MI has been in business for over 34 years. The studio sculpts and renders larger than life 3D props for custom signs, billboards, trade shows, branding, full body costumes, and permanent displays for exterior and interior locations.

When Prop Art Studio worked with a designer to create dinosaurs for the kids’ section of a large furniture store, they chose Free Form™ Sculpt Epoxy Putty as their best option. “The props would not have been as successful without the use of Smooth-On’s Free Form™ Sculpt sculpting epoxy. The amount of detail we can get from this product makes us look great. The durability is match by non-other. If we do anything that will be out in public, especially when the public will be in contact with the piece, this material is a must.”

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