Kingdom Products (Throop, PA) knows the advantages of using rubber stamps to create concrete magic. Used on small and large projects, Kingdom Products has refined stamping concrete to an art. Among other advantages, stamping concrete allows Kingdom to deliver true value to their customers and maximize profits at the same time. What mold rubber does Kingdom Products use to make concrete stamps? Why Smooth-On, of course!

Advantages of Stamping Concrete:

•  Limitless design options for creating custom shapes, colors and textures.

•  Make your stamped concrete look exactly like brick, flagstone, river rock, wood and more.

•  Project Versatility - stamp concrete indoors or out to beautify courtyards, pool decks, driveways, stairways, patios and more.

•  Lower labor and material costs

•  Time Savings – Complete any project in a fraction of the time vs. laying brick, stone, etc.

•  Lasting Durability – concrete lasts for years and wears better than other options.
Special Thanks to Bart Sacco of Kingdom Products. Visit:
PMC®-780 is a high performance urethane rubber that offers exceptional strength, durability and abrasion resistance. Capture an impression of any stone surface, down to the finest detail. Cured rubber is firm yet flexible, making it ideal for most concrete stamp applications. PMC®-780 stamps that are properly cared for will last for years of service.