An easy way to add realism and beauty to your aquarium is to make a custom background. Using Smooth-On products, you can create custom foam rock walls that will perfectly fit and compliment your aquarium. The hardest part is deciding on your design!

Advantages/Benefits to Making Your Own Custom Backdrop:

  • Low profile
  • Minimum water displacement
  • Custom design
  • Custom fit (can be tiled to fill large areas)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Will last indefinitely
  • Eliminates reef harvesting
  • Low cost
  • Aquarium-safe (will not harm fish, invertebrates or other sea life)
  • Chemically inert
Smooth-On Products Featured in Step-by-Step Tutorial:
  • Mold Rubber: Rebound®25 Silicone
  • Support Shell: Plasti-Paste®II Trowelable Plastic
  • Rigid Foam: Foam-iT!®5 Rigid Urethane Roam
  • Resin (used to paint on foam): Smooth-Cast 327®Urethane Resin
  • Colorant: SO-Strong®Color Tints (for urethane foam, resin and rubber)
  • Sealant: Sonite Wax®Paste Wax