Jason and Jenny Wilhelm, owners of Dope on a Rope Soaps (Bailey, CO) have been using OOMOO 25 silicone rubber for years to make their all-natural soap products, including their popular namesake Dope on a Rope Soap. Building upon their success, they expanded their line to include the new Trout on a Rope Soap. They proudly share their mold making and casting process with us during the creation of this new product.

OOMOO silicone
is a good material choice because their original trout model has no undercuts and a flat back (2-dimensional). Since the model is relatively shallow that means the mold does not require a great deal of elasticity or tear strength when demolding. Try Mold Star Series silicone if you need better tear strength with the same ease of use.

To date, they have pulled over 20,000 pieces of soap from
OOMOO molds. With so many castings pulled from their molds, the mold material cost was virtually zero.

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