Mold Star® 15 is perfect for experienced mold makers or people just starting out. It is an easy to use silicone rubber that offers performance other mold making rubbers do not:

  1. Easy To Use – the mix ratio is 1A:1B by volume…no weighing scale necessary.
  2. No Vacuum Degassing Necessary – Unlike other platinum silicones, Mold Star® de-airs itself resulting in bubble-free molds.
  3. Long Working Time – Pot life is 50 minutes at room temperature, offering time to make molds of large models.
  4. Mold Star® offers high tear strength and other great performance properties.
  5. Mold Star® offers minimal long term shrinkage.
  6. Mold Star® offers a very long library life of many years.
Fully cured rubber can be used to cast low-temperature melt metal alloys, urethane, epoxy or polyester resins, wax, plasters or concrete.

Important: Mold Star® 15 cannot be used with modeling clays containing sulfur. Even if the model is sealed.