SPFX masks are extremely high quality wearable masks made from state-of-the-art silicone and designed to conform to your own face. Our silicone masks are very unique and are an industry First. SPFX masks invented, designed, and introduced the FIRST-EVER silicone masks.

Unlike foam latex or slip latex masks, SPFX silicone masks look and behave like real flesh and muscle. Each mask is handcrafted individually with an meticulous eye for detail. The sculpting and coloring is created to add ultra-high realism to each hand crafted mask.

SPFX masks is the haunted house choice for professionals and used in haunted houses all over the world!

SPFX chooses Smooth-On materials for their mask making, as our variety of silicone rubbers and accessories makes us a 'one stop shop' for the SPFX crew.