Body Double® Silicone Rubber is used by both professionals and hobbyists to make ultra-high definition impressions directly off the human body. In their cured state, molds made using Body Double® Silicone Rubber exhibit virtually no shrinkage. Furthermore, Body Double® molds will maintain their dimensional stability for many years even after being cast many times. Body Double® is the only skin safe (Non-Toxic) rubber IN THE WORLD designed specifically for lifecasting.

There are two versions of Body Double® available - STANDARD SET & FAST SET. There are only three distinct differences between the two versions: 

1. Pot Life - the amount of time you have to work with the material to get Part's A & B mixed thoroughly and applied before it gels. The STANDARD SET has a 5 minute Pot Life; the FAST SET has a 90 second Pot Life. 

2. Cure Time - how long it takes for the silicone rubber to fully cure. The STANDARD SET has a 25 minute Cure Time; the FAST SET has a 6 minute Cure Time.

3. Color - the STANDARD SET has a purple color when thoroughly mixed; the FAST SET has an Aqua Green color when thoroughly mixed. We gave them different colors so users will know which version they are working with.

It is possible to incorporate both versions of Body Double® into one mold, especially in situations where a longer Pot Life in the silicone rubber is desired in order to pick-up ultra-high definition on the surface of the skin, such as facial features. In the sequence below,  both versions of the silicone are used in the mold of the model's head.

This photo sequence details creating a fast one piece cut seam mold of an entire head using Body Double® FAST SET lifecasting silicone.