Sherri Haab is a best selling craft author with over 20 published books to her credit, with several selling over a million copies each. Award winning titles such as: The Art of Resin Jewelry and Designer Style Jewelry (Watson Guptill). Publishing honoraries include Craftrends 2006 & 2007 Best General Craft Book Award, Publishers Weekly Cuffie Award, and Oppenheims Toy Portfolio Gold Award. She has recently released a how-to DVD about Resin Jewelry. Television appearances include: The Carol Duvall Show (HGTV), Jewelry Making (DIY), Good Things Utah (ABC) and Beads, Baubles and Jewels (PBS).

Sherri leads numerous jewelry making workshops nationwide and has been a pioneer in the industry since 1996. She is known for tracking trends and then educating consumers about how to use new products and techniques.  Sherri prominently features Smooth-On products in her books and workshops including Oomoo® 30 silicone molding rubber, Equinox® 40 silicone putty, Smooth-Cast® 300 & 325 casting resins and a variety of So-Strong® Urethane pigments and Cast Magic® powders.

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