Body Double® is a skin-safe silicone rubber that reproduces perfect detail directly from the face, hands, or any body part. Mixed 1A : 1B by volume (no scale necessary), Body Double mixes easily and does not entrap air. It butters onto the skin and holds vertical or inverted surfaces (i.e. under the chin).

There are two versions of Body Double available: FAST SET (with a working time of 90 seconds and cure time of 6 minutes) & STANDARD SET (with a work time of 6 minutes and cure time of about 20 minutes).

A Body Double rubber mold is stretchy-strong and let's you cast wax, plaster, plastics, silicone or urethane rubber, and other materials. Unlike alginates, you can use a Body Double mold over & over again to make many castings. The only clear disadvantage that Body Double rubber has compared to alginate is the price. Body Double is a lot more expensive. It all comes down to what your goals are for your project. For many, making a temporary mold & getting one casting is all that is required. However, for movie special effects fabricators making effects for films like "Harry Potter," "Pirates of The Caribbean," and "Spider Man," being able to use a mold over and over again actually makes Body Double less expensive to use when you consider the time and labor savings realized by making a mold one time and being able to use it again & again.