Corso Fluids, a manufacturer of industrial fluids that has been in operation for decades, had a gasket fail on one of their large mixing vessels. A search for replacement options for this gasket prompted Corso Fluids to contact the Smooth-On Technical Helpline.

"Replacement parts for old manufacturing equipment is virtually non-existent and I had to get this mixer back up and running," says Production Manager Tony Guzmanes, "I came across Smooth-On on the internet and called the Technical Helpline Number listed. I was able to speak to a Smooth-On technician who discussed options for making my own rubber gasket using two products called URE-BOND® and VytaFlex® 40."

Chronicling The Process
Prior to applying URE-BOND & VytaFlex 40, the metal surface is sanded and completely cleaned of any dust, oils, or other contaminants that may cause adhesion or curing problems. After cleaning, the gasket channel is primed with URE-BOND adhesive directly on to the metal surface and allowed to cure until tacky. At the tacky stage VytaFlex 40 is measured, mixed thoroughly & applied directly onto the URE-BOND surface and allowed to cured.

Mission Accomplished
Mr. Guzmanes continues: "We had our mixing vessel back in service in less than one week, which saved us thousands of dollars in down time. That was 3 years ago and that gasket is still functional – there's been no breakdown of the rubber."