At the latest Reynolds – Orlando Material Spotlight featuring resins and foams, they welcomed a full house of individual hobbyists and beginners, students from universities, professional artists and more!

Joy kicked off the class with an overview of resins – talking about properties of different resins and why you would choose one over the other. She discussed rigid vs. semi-rigid, heat distortion, impact and abrasion resistance, and thin vs. mass casting applications. Amee then went over the basics of foams; rigid vs. flexible, densities, and expansion rates. 

Next up was a deeper dive into resins- Joy and Amee discussed release agents, proper mixing and pouring, and how to avoid common problems. Joy then did demos of Smooth Cast 300Q andRoto-Casting Smooth-Cast 65D.

They closed out the class with a demonstration of how to use resins and foams together. They showed how to back fill a Smooth Cast 65D piece with rigid foam and talked about the benefits of this process. They also went over adding fillers, colorants, and casting powders to both resins and foams to achieve dynamic effects.

After the class many of the participants stayed to ask additional questions about their specific projects/applications. 

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