Phil Clark from Reynolds-Dallas created this amazing creature hand as part of his amazing Halloween costume. Phil started his build by sculpting the transformed arm onto a Hydro Stone lifecast, with non sulfur clay. After sculpting, he went to work on the mold making process. Phil chose to work with Smooth-On products Brush-On 40, Brush-On 50, and Free Form Air.

The claws used on the hand were cast in Smooth-Cast 320 liquid plastic. Black shoe polish and Smooth-Cast 325 with UVO color pigment were used to paint the claws.

When the hand mold was ready to be cast into, Phil chose Smooth-On’s Dragon Skin FX Pro for the hand; Dragon Skin FX Pro is a very soft silicone – very close to the feel of skin.

Phil painted the hand with Smooth-On’s Psycho Paint.  After both the hand and claws were finished he used Skin Tite to create the Green colored globs, and added Glow Worm Green to make the globs glow in the dark of Halloween night. You can see all of Phil’s process in our gallery below.