Sonite Wax

Paste Wax Sealer

Sonite® Wax is a soft paste wax suitable for sealing porous surfaces prior to applying Smooth-On mold rubber. Sonite® Wax will aid in releasing mold rubber from a variety of model surfaces and can be used for other industrial applications. Application of a mold release agent may be necessary in conjunction with Sonite® Wax once it has dried to assist with releasing very adhesive materials such as epoxies, urethane rubbers, and some urethane plastics. Consult technical bulletin of mold rubber product for complete details. Sonite® Wax also offers less solvent and a higher % solids, low odor, easier to apply and has faster drying.

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Sonite Wax

Paste wax for sealing pourous surfaces.
4 ounce 0.2 lb. 6751010
Quart Unit 1.75 lbs. 19712949
Gallon Unit 7 lbs. 61769239
5 Gallon Unit 35 lbs. 2301734433