PoYo Putty

Mix & Apply-By-Hand Mold Putty

PoYo® Putty is a two-component mold making silicones (tin catalyst) that can be mixed and applied “on site” – directly to almost any model. PoYo® Putty will hold any vertical surface and capture even the finest detail and is perfect for making strong rubber molds that can be used within minutes. Use Less – Do More: Because PoYo® is applied as a thin layer, less material is used, saving you money. PoYo® Putty molds are also lightweight, making them easier to handle.

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PoYo Putty 40

Kneadable, On-the-Spot Silicone Putty. Shore 40A hardness.
Trial Unit 2.13 lbs. 43156455
Gallon Unit 8.5 lbs. 1358320320
5 Gallon Unit 42.6 lbs. 5812386952

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