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TASK Performance Plastics

Do you need higher heat distortion temperatures, strength in ultra-thin sections, high impact or abrasion resistance or resistance to fire? TASK Plastics were developed with these applications in mind, and many more. There are several TASK Plastics to choose from, and each is easy to use (convenient mix ratio and low viscosity).

TASK Performance Plastics

>TASK™ 7 Flame Out

Low viscosity, fast set casting resin that meets UL 94 V-O requirements for flame resistance

>TASK® 2 & 3

Low viscosity, high performance white casting resins

>TASK® 4

Polyurethane casting resin that is very strong when cast in ultra-thin sections

>TASK® 5 & 6

Low cost, high performance tan casting resins

>TASK® 8

Heat resistant polyurethane resin system which withstands up to 263°F /129°C

>TASK® 9

High performance clear amber urethane casting resin that features very high compressive and tensile strength

>TASK® 11

Semi-rigid resin which is suitable for dry food applications

>TASK® 12

Semi-rigid urethane resin that offers extreme handling strength and impact resistance

>TASK® 13 & 14

Black semi-rigid high strength urethane casting resins

>TASK® 15

Urethane resin with high impact resistance developed for machine rotocasting

>TASK® 16

Fast-setting Shore 80A/30D rubber that offers very high tear strength, impact resistance and wear resistance

>TASK® 18

High compressive strength aluminum filled mass casting resin suitable for vacuum forming tools

>TASK® 21

Performance urethane casting resin with high ABS-type compressive and flexural strength