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Mold Max Series

Mold Max silicones are used around the world for a variety of industrial and art-related applications including architectural restoration, prototype model development, reproducing sculpture, creating special effects and themed environments. There is no better silicone value.

Mold Max Series

>Mold Max™ Series

High performance tin-catalyzed liquid silicone rubbers in Shore Hardnesses from 10A - 40A

>Mold Max® 14NV & 29NV

Shore 14A or 29A tin-catalyzed silicone which are low viscosity and do not require vacuum degassing.

>Mold Max® 60

Shore 60A tin catalyzed silicone rubber formulated for applications requiring high heat resistance

>Mold Max® STROKE

Brushable tin-catalyzed silicone rubber for making fast brush-on molds of almost any model

>Mold Max® T Series

Water white translucent tin cured silicone rubber compounds with exceptional tear strength and working properties

>Mold Max® XLS® II

Very low shrinkage tin-catalyzed silicone mold making rubber