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Platinum Silicone Accessories

Platinum Silicone Accessories


Silicone Adhesion Promoter to temporarily adhere most surgical tapes, bandages, dressings, etc. to rubber surface.


UV Glow Translucent Liquid Additive for Urethanes and Silicones.


Paints and pigments for use with platinum silicone rubber.

>Glow Worm®

Long Lasting Phosphorescent, Glow-in-the-Dark Powders

>Inhibit X®

Stops cure inhibition when casting platinum cured silicone rubbers.

>NOVOCS® Silicone Solvent

Low viscosity silicone solvent that evaporates quickly.


Cure accelerating additive for Smooth-On platinum cure silicone rubbers

>Psycho Paint®

Platinum silicone paint base developed to easily create painted-on color effects for platinum silicone creations


Bald cap plastic or for encapsulating silicone gel prosthetic appliances


Creates a cured silicone piece with greatly reduced surface tension


One component adhesive made specifically for bonding silicone rubber to silicone rubber and other substrates

>Silc-Pig™ Silicone Pigments

Used for coloring Smooth-On tin and platinum cure silicones

>Silc Pig™ Electric Fluorescent Pigments

Fluorescent pigments used for coloring tin-cure and platinum-cure silicone rubber compounds

>Silicone Thinner®

A non-reactive silicone fluid that will lower the mixed viscosity of silicone rubber products

>Skin Tite™

Skin-safe silicone rubber for making FX appliances directly on the skin


Additive for platinum silicone to soften or 'deaden' the cured silicone


Additive designed to extend the pot life of Smooth-On platinum silicone rubber products

>THI-VEX® Silicone Thickener

Liquid additive that thickens most Smooth-On mold making silicones

>URE-FIL® Fillers

Fillers for thickening or modifying urethane rubber and resin