DSI Studios

Contact Information

2530 NW 16th Lane
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
Phone: (954) 979-8571

About Us

DSI Studios Inc is a full service theming and design studio located in South Florida specializing in the design and fabrication of highly crafted themed environments and elements for industries including theme parks, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, private residences, cruise ships among many others.

With over 40 years of experience we are not just your average run-of-the-mill fabrication shop. Where some ‘theme houses’ only consider their work to be just another day at the office, we look at our projects somewhat differently.

We consider ourselves to be artists, first and foremost, and we truly enjoy what we do. The challenge of taking an idea from a client’s imagination and brainstorming it into reality is what really gets us going. Everyone in our organization has a passion for the more artistic side of our industry and it shows through in the work of art they produce.

Our crew consist of experienced professionals from many backgrounds; 3D sculptures, design, fine carpentry, mold making, metalwork, murals, castings, model making, special effects, animatronics, fine finishing and more.

Encompassing more than 25,000 sq. feet, our two main buildings house our mold making and casting department, our fiberglass and sculpture shop, our metal and paint shops and carpentry department. Having full fabrication facilities at our disposal frees us from many of the traditional limitations and expenses of other themeing companies. The more we do ‘in-house’ the more money you save. If your general contractor cannot or will not do it, chances are that we can and we will.

Areas of expertise and rates may vary. Other than supplying materials to mold makers and casters, Reynolds Advanced Materials is not associated with and does not warranty the work of any independent mold making and/or casting company or individual.