Reynolds-Seattle customer Mel Miller creates custom and original sculptures of horses no matter what the breed or discipline.  Mel has made it her life’s work studying horse anatomy, color, behavior the myriad of breed types and activities while experimenting with different materials and methods of creating to provide the most realistic and unique pieces possible.

Mel got her start mold making and casting equine art through customizing Breyer model horses as a hobby.  She would customize plastic models with epoxy putty and paint which eventually evolved into her making her own original sculptures.

“I choose Reynolds because I can rely on Smooth-On’s products, and the employees at Reynolds – Seattle are so friendly and knowledgeable and have always been able to advise me.” Her favorite material to cast and experiment with is Smooth-Cast™ 326 color match urethane resin. “I love tinkering with fun bright colors, and the opportunity to create castings with glitter and inset pieces is irresistible! “

Mel’s hard work and love for equine art is now coming full circle, Breyer Animal Creations is now producing one of her sculptures in their line.

You can see more of Mel Miller’s artwork on social media and her website:

Instagram and Facebook: @melmillerequineart