Basics of Moldmaking and Casting Videos ›

These videos will introduce you to basic techniques for successful moldmaking and casting. These videos are suitable for beginners.

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Moldmaking and Casting Essentials ›

These videos demonstrate techniques important for successfully working with two part moldmaking and casting materials.

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Advanced Mold Making Techniques ›

Cavity pours, core molds, and other advanced mold making techniques.

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Makeup FX ›

Mind blowing materials for taking a mold from life, and creating wild and realistic makeup effects.

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Special Effects & Props ›

From making breakaway glass to making a fake margarita, these videos will guide you through the steps to making the realistic props and special effects.

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DIY Projects and Crafts You Can Do At Home ›

Reynolds wide range of materials can come in very handy when making repairs or crafts at home. Find out how by watching these videos.

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Large Scale Application ›

These videos show applications involving machinery or spray systems for making molds for concrete casting, architectural restoration, and other applications.

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Vacuum Bagging ›

Videos demonstrating the techniques of using silicone to create vacuum bags for resin composite casting applications.

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