Immortal Masks was established in November of 2010 and is owned by Andrew and Michelle Freeman and George Frangadakis. Between Andrew’s work as an Hollywood Effects Artist and George’s experience as an Effects Supervisor, they have put together a team of some of the best working artists in the Film, Theme Park and Haunted Attraction industries.

Utilizing this combined 35 years’ experience, Immortal Masks delivers film quality products at competitive pricing. Immortal creates pieces with superior quality, and offer prompt customer service. They continue to push the envelope in what can be achieved in silicone masks and are pleased to add new products to accompany them every day.

Immortal uses a wide variety of materials supplied by Reynolds. The molds for their masks are made using high-tech epoxies, and their masks are cast in super-soft Ecoflex silicone. Our urethane rubbers, resins, and foams are used to create body armor and props.

Immortal Masks is constantly pushing the boundaries in design, paint and durability. They have developed a system call Flex Fusion which allows them to employ the very soft silicone not normally used in unsupported silicone masks with the strongest, most flexible composite webbing.

Flex Fusion uses honed Hollywood film making techniques that have evolved with our research and development. Immortal’s Flex Fusion composite web is stronger, thinner, virtually undetectable and utilized throughout the entire mask. The composite webbing improves comfort, fit, flexibility and durability. As a result, they are able to create thinner areas than ever before which allow for greater expression and a decrease in heat buildup.

We are proud to supply this innovative company with the materials they need to continue to develop their product line.

Immortal Masks can be found on the web at and on their Facebook page