Sculptor and US Navy veteran Peter Rubino has been a long time customer of our Charlotte branch. Recently, Peter unveiled a statue he has been working on which honors America’s fallen war heroes. The sculpture is entitled “Remembrance.” This piece is currently on display in Trumbull, Connecticut and there is an additional limited edition casting at the Military Wall in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

The construction of the limited edition piece for outdoor display was completed with materials supplied by Reynolds Advanced Materials. Brush On™ 40 urethane rubber and DuoMatrix™ NEO polymer modified gypsum were used to create the rubber mold and casting.

Working with his Waxhaw client’s budget for an outdoor sculpture, Peter chose to first brush DuoMatrix™ NEO into the mold, building it up to .25 of an inch thick. The NEO was then reinforced with FGR™ 95 gypsum and burlap to increase strength. The piece was finished with metallic paints and covered with 4 coats of outdoor clear spray enamel and wax to create a durable rich bronze finish.

This combination of affordable materials makes impervious, rock hard castings that are ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor settings.

For more information on Peter Rubino’s artwork, visit his website at