Josh Lange, of Lange Concepts, designs and builds one-off supercars, specializing in part/mold design and fabrication. Materials from carbon fiber to leaded crystal are used to build custom designs for himself and clients. The products and helpful staff at Reynolds Advanced Materials are a key component in Lange achieving outstanding results.

A loyal customer since Reynolds AM Burbank store’s early days, Lange talks about using their products to get meticulous results for one of his pickiest clients, Ferrari custom designer, Tom Meade, whom he worked with from 2009-2013, “As project manager and lead fabricator of the Thomassima IIII Ferrari powered supercar build, I used the Foam-it line for our tub build as well as for his a-pillar assembly including hand sculpted mirrors, scoop and windshield/window bucks. Smooth-Cast was used in the steering wheel sculpting process to create templates that I used to sculpt the hollow Ceylon Ebony shell, as well as in final parts and prototypes. Mold Star 15 and 30 were used to create taillight molds, emblems, steering wheel templates, buttons, and more. Crystal Clear was great for things like testing our taillights before leaded crystal molds were made once again using the Mold Star line. Glenn Hansen, a very knowledgeable technician at Reynolds, was able to walk Tom and I through any of our situations. He was crucial in our understanding of the best way to use their products.” When asked about the project Hansen recalls, “Josh came in many times with several different parts he was developing and making for Tom Meade, whom he worked hand-in-hand with. Either over the phone or in person, I was happy to help them resolve their issues”.

Lange is continuing with the completion of the Thomassima IIII build as a tribute to his late friend and mentor, Tom Meade. He recently completed the LCIII Spider, a one-off supercar that will be making its debut at The Quail Motorsports Gathering, August 19, 2016, during Monterey Car Week. Reynolds Advanced Materials continues to be an indispensable part of the journey. For more information please visit and or call 310-432-3073.