Reynolds – Los Angeles customer breaks the mold of adaptive aids, introduces revolutionary silicone grip assistance technology using Smooth-On materials.

When sisters Merrily, Kerry, and Wendy Mellin began to experience complications from rheumatoid arthritis, they were disappointed to learn there had been no advances or innovation in grip assistance technology for 40 years. Instead of accepting the dated, unsanitary, and uncomfortable technology (formerly made with plastic, leather, or Velcro), the Mellin sisters saw the opportunity to not only change their own lives, but also change the lives of men, women, and children around the globe. The sisters headed to Reynolds Advanced Materials to source supplies and learn all about the art of mixing, pigmenting, molding and casting silicone, in hopes of developing a more efficient grip assistance technology.


After countless hours of prototyping, with over 20 different sizes and styles and 1,000 samples, the Mellin sisters successfully designed the breakthrough grip assistance technology now known as EazyHold.

The 100% hygienic and adaptable EazyHold is now enabling children and adults with limited to no grip, or missing fingers and limbs, to easily hold pencils, cups, utensils, styluses, musical instruments, sports equipment, toys, toothbrushes, and many more tools for the first time. It is the first and only universal silicone grip assistance tool to be stocked and distributed in schools, hospitals, and therapy centers. The Mellin sisters have successfully designed, Patented, and Trade Marked the breakthrough grip assistant technology. 

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