No.  Tests have shown that a minimum of 5% polymer solids to the weight of cement is required to eliminate the 7 day wet cure (the primary reason polymer is used).  To ensure the mix design has 5% polymer solids, you must first know the solids content of the polymer to be used. For 100 lbs of cement, 5 lbs of polymer solids is required.  Forton® VF-774 is 51% solids, so 10 lbs of VF-774 would be needed to get 5 lbs of solids or 5.1% polymer solids in the mix.  A competitive product with 47% solids would require 10.6 lbs of polymer to achieve 5% solids in the mix. Algebra can be used to compare prices:
So if Forton VF-774, at 51% solids, costs $1.96/lb, a competitive product at 47% solids would have to cost $1.81/lb to have a truly equal cost.