New Web Feature – Printable Tech Spec Charts

Reynolds now has printable technical specification charts available on our website.  These charts, best printed at 11″ x 17″, let you see ‘at a glance’ technical data about silicones, urethanes, epoxies and other materials. They can be displayed in your shop for quick reference.  (read more)

Reynolds – Allentown Teaches a Full House About 2-Piece Moldmaking

Reynolds – Allentown hosted 40 attendees for their latest Material Spotlight on 2-Piece Moldmaking. (read more)

The Magic of Epoxy Putties at Reynolds – Allentown

On February 15, 2019, Reynolds-Allentown held a Materials Spotlight on Epoxy Putties.  The seminar was a full-house, including some attendees who had attended previous events and others from out of state! Customers enjoyed refreshments during the session and everyone was eager to ask questions about the products, taking the time to admire the props and replicas in the Reynolds store. (read more)

An Amazing Event at Reynolds Advanced Materials – Phoenix

Reynolds – Phoenix hosted their annual RAM FAN open house event yesterday, welcoming a full house of customers and friends. (read more)

Harvard Semitic Museum Recasts Antiquity

The giant plaster castings of ancient reliefs in the Harvard Semitic Museum are rejuvenated with the help of modern moldmaking materials (read more)

Reynolds Assists RISD NASA Rover Challenge Team

Reynolds is proud to be involved with assisting the Rhode Island School of Design NASA Human Exploration Rover Design team. (read more)

Video Shows How To Make a Keying Mold Knife

In this moldmaking instructional video from Smooth-On, Milo shows how you can make your own mold knife using readily available, affordable blades. (read more)

Video Tutorial – Making a Christmas Tree LED Lamp

In this video we show how to make a DIY Christmas Tree LED lamp using Christmas ornaments and Tarbender™ clear epoxy. (read more)

Tutorial Video – Creating a Museum Quality Totem Pole Using Habitat™ Fire Safe Flame Rated Epoxy Putty

In this video tutorial, Habitat™ Fire Safe flame rated epoxy is used to create a full size totem pole for a museum.  The epoxy putty is placed over a carved foam armature. (read more)

Reynolds Catalog Now Available In Spanish

The Reynolds Advanced Materials full product catalog is now available in Spanish. (read more)