Feather River Fish Hatchery restores fiberglass fish with EpoxAcast™ 670

In Oroville, California the California Department of Water Resources, Exhibits and Education restored the sun-damaged fiberglass fish at the Feather River Fish Hatchery using EpoxAcast™ 670.

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Customer Spotlight: Breaking the Mold of Adaptive Aids with EazyHold

Reynolds – Los Angeles customer breaks the mold of adaptive aids, introduces revolutionary silicone grip assistance technology using Smooth-On materials.

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Innovating with Teachers at Cal Poly Teacher Conference

A few weeks ago, Reynolds Advanced Materials in Los Angeles was invited to Cal Poly’s San Luis Summer Teacher’s Conference. Attendees were teachers from the high school to college level with different vocational backgrounds.
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Customer Spotlight – Al Navas Pt. 2

Reynolds – Los Angeles’ customer spotlight focuses again on artist Al Navas and his most recent creation. Recently, Al was featured for his turtle sculpture he created for his wife, seen here. He has created a new sculpture that captures the beauty of a jellyfish.
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Customer Spotlight – Al Navas

The Reynolds Advanced Materials – Los Angeles spotlight focuses on customer Dr. Al Navas.  By day, Dr. Navas is a dentist in Long Beach, California.  For over 30 years, Dr. Navas has also been a sculptor of stone and bronze.  Dr. Navas’s hobby as a sculptor has landed him the opportunities to exhibit his pieces in Laguna Beach, California, and he has won the art Competition at the Orange County Fair.

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Customer Spotlight – Paul Miller

Reynolds Advanced Materials – Los Angeles spotlight is shining bright on sculptor and prop builder Paul Miller.

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Customer Spotlight – Monster Movie Moggy Creatures.

Reynolds Advanced Materials – Los Angeles has their January customer spotlight focused on Scott Frazelle and his independent film Moggy Creatures – a tale in which a stray cat and its kittens are taken into a home, but the kittens are not what you would think.

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Customer Spotlight- Monster City Studios

Our Los Angeles branch has their spotlight shining bright on Monster City Studios (MCS). MCS is located right in the middle of California’s Central Valley. They have created themed environments, custom large scale characters, and props for the entertainment industry as well museums and private client for over 15 years.

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Frank Ippolito and Tested Create World Of Warcraft Murlocs for Blizzcon

Frank Ippolito’s team and Tested are giving us an inside look at how these Murloc cosplays were created. (read more)

Customer Spotlight – Steve Reuter

Reynolds Advanced Materials in Los Angeles is shining their customer spotlight on puppetmaker Steve Reuter. Steve is a ventriloquist, artist and sculptor. He is also a magician member of the Academy of Magical Arts.

Steve is also is an illusion designer for the top magicians of the world. He also sculpts and creates ventriloquist dummies and marionettes. Most recently, Steve created Puddles Jr., a marionette constructed of Feather Lite® (Body and Ligaments) and Smooth-Cast 300® (Head) urethane resins from Smooth-On.

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