Reynolds-Allentown Demonstrates FX Applications of Silicone

October 18th, 2019 Reynolds-Allentown had a full room for their end of the year Materials Spotlight Making On Skin Wounds with Silicone Rubber. (read more)

Reynolds-Allentown Hosts a Successful Seminar on Lifecasting

On August 9, 2019, Reynolds-Allentown hosted their “Lifecasting and F/X Seminar”, an all-day event that brought in over 20 attendees. (read more)

Reynolds – Allentown Teaches a Full House About 2-Piece Moldmaking

Reynolds – Allentown hosted 40 attendees for their latest Material Spotlight on 2-Piece Moldmaking. (read more)

The Magic of Epoxy Putties at Reynolds – Allentown

On February 15, 2019, Reynolds-Allentown held a Materials Spotlight on Epoxy Putties.  The seminar was a full-house, including some attendees who had attended previous events and others from out of state! Customers enjoyed refreshments during the session and everyone was eager to ask questions about the products, taking the time to admire the props and replicas in the Reynolds store. (read more)

A Gruesome Good Time at the Reynolds – Allentown Skin Effects Spotlight

The October, 2018 Reynolds – Allentown Material Spotlight focused on Skin Effects.  (read more)

Reynolds – Allentown Hosts Sold-Out Life Casting Skin FX Seminar

Friday, August 10th, Reynolds – Allentown welcomed attendees to the sold-out Life Casting Skin FX Seminar. Artists and makers from around the country spent their day learning how to create astonishingly-real skin effects.

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Customer Spotlight – Giannetti’s Studios

Reynolds Advanced Materials is excited about this company, Giannetti’s Studio has been in business since 1926 and has completed beautiful plaster works for a variety of customers including the federal government. Most of their workings can be found in buildings around Washington, DC.
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Customer Spotlight – Scenery First

Allentown – We have our spotlight on Scenery First, a Philadelphia company that manufactures scenery, displays, and event décor. The company was recently approached to create pieces for the Museum of the American Revolution located in Philadelphia, PA. We caught up with Jack Doyle the company’s founder for an inside look at the exhibit and for a quick Q&A about creating and recreating museum pieces.

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Customer Spotlight- Bloomsburg University Theatre Department

Reynolds – Allentown’s spotlight is refocused on the Bloomsburg University’s Theatre Department (BTE). Recently, the BTE put on the production of The Nether with actors Danny Roth and Pateon Chavis. The production called for a cake made of Ice that will never melt, which means a call to Reynolds Advanced Materials’ Outside Sales Technician Jay.

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Attendees Learn About 3D Printing at the Reynolds-Allentown 3D Printing Event

Reynolds Advanced Materials hosted their Let’s Talk About Series event which covered 3D Printing.

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