A. Urethane rubber will not stick to some metals (for example; brass or stainless steel) under any circumstances. Urethane rubbers that exude an oil (such as PMC 121™ WET or PMC™-780 WET) will not bond permanently to any metal.

To get urethane rubber to bond to steel or other common metals, we recommend using a rubber that does not exude oil such as Vytaflex™, Reoflex™ or Brush-On™ urethanes.

You can increase your chance of a secure bond between urethane rubber and metal by:

1. Etching or sanding the metal surface.

2. Clean surface with solvent (acetone) and let dry.

3. Mix and apply rubber.


After step 2 above, spray a high quality SHELLAC onto the metal surface as a primer. Shellac is a good bonding primer for urethane rubber. Ure-Bond™ adhesive is a better primer for bonding urethane rubber to metal and is available from Smooth-On distributors.