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USG Gypsum & Plaster

Reynolds Advanced Materials carries a wide variety of USG Gypsum products. This selection of gypsum plasters is suitable for a number of mold making and casting applications ranging from giftware and sculpture casting, to industrial and production applications.

 No. 1 Casting Plaster
The industry standard for figurines, plaques, and lamp bases. Special additives maintain smooth-working qualities and upon drying, result in a hard working surface with reduced paint absorption and degree of chip-resistance.

No. 1 Pottery Plaster
USG No. 1 Pottery Plaster is noted for outstanding performance and long life. The standard of the industry, it is the best material available for sanitary-ware and dinnerware slip casting. 

Hydro-Stone® Gypsum
HYDRO-STONE® is recommended for producing high-quality novelty and statuary castings requiring extremely hard surfaces. This product is self-leveling when poured and not suitable for hollow cast applications.

Snowwhite Filler Gypsum
Its bright white color, softness, and good acid resistance provides a superior medium as a functional filler in polymers, caulks, and adhesives.  Its whiteness, softness, acid resistance and binder carrying ability makes it a good candidate for use in adhesives and caulks.

Hydrocal® FGR-95 Gypsum
Hydrocal® FGR-95 Gypsum Cement is specially formulated to set fast, develop high strength, and permit fabrication of strong, resilient glass-reinforced products. The superior fire retardant properties allow for safe, code-compliant installation in all types of public and private structures.

Hydrocal® White Gypsum
A good general use product recommended for solid and hollow casting of lamp bases and figurines. Designed for thin sections which require high green strength to minimize breakage.

UltraCal® 30 Gypsum
A super-strength gypsum cement that has the lowest expansion of any rapid-setting gypsum cement available. Ideal for splash-casting molds and models for phenolic, polyester and epoxy resins.

No. 1 Molding Gypsum
Often referred to as “plaster of Paris” or soft plaster. Used for waste molds or temporary patterns where surface hardness and strength are not important. 

Technical Specifications

Product Name Use Consistency (parts of water by weight per 100 parts plaster) Set Time Density Wet
Density Dry
1 Hour Compressive Strength Dry Compressive Strength Maximum Setting Expansion
Hydrocal® White 45 25-35 min. 110.6 90 1,000 psi 5,000 psi 0.39%
Hydrocal® FGR-95 30-36 cc N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
No. 1 Pottery Plaster 70 14-24 min. 99 69 1,000 psi 2,400 psi 0.21%
No. 1 Casting Plaster 65 27-37 min. 100 72.5 1,200 psi 2,400 psi 0.21%
Hydro-Stone® 32 17-20 min. 119.4 108.7 4,000 psi 10,000 psi 0.24%
UltraCal® 30 38 17-20 min. 115 99 4,000 psi 6,000 psi 0.24%


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