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Life Casting With Alginate And Skin-Safe Silicone Rubber" DVD
This video covers the essentials on life casting using Alja-Safe™ alginate and Body Double™ Silicone Rubber. With over 90 minutes of step-by-step instruction, this video will show you how to:
  • Use Alja-Safe alginate to make a mold and casting of a hand
  • Use Alja-Safe alginate to make a mold and casting of an arm
  • Use Alja-Safe alginate to make a mold and casting of a face
  • Use Body Double™ silicone to make a mold and casting of a female torso
  • Use Body Double™ silicone to make a mold and casting of a human head
In addition, the DVD contains a bonus section demonstrating the latest in platinum silicone rubber skin effect materials from Smooth-On. This includes creating wild skin effects with Psycho Paint, using Skin Tite on-skin adhesive and appliance builder, and using Slacker tactile mutator to alter silicone rubber for life-like skin effects.

Either Way, You're Covered!

 Alja-Safe™ Alginate is the world's first alginate for life casting that does not contain free crystalline silica (a known cancer causing agent). Alja-Safe™ alginate is easy to use and cures quickly. Perfect for making "one-shot" molds of the face, hands and other body parts. Alja-Safe™ has good tear strength and captures detail better than other alginates, giving you more accurate reproductions. There's no reason not to be Alja-Safe!

What Did You Use To Make That Arm? People usually cast gypsum into an alginate mold which is sooo boring. With Alja-Safe™ you can also cast Matrix™ NEO, Smooth-Cast™ 300Q FAST plastic or Smooth-On silicone rubbers. The life cast arm (above) was made out of a new softer-than-skin silicone rubber called Ecoflex™. Ecoflex™ rubbers are even softer than our popular Dragon Skin™ and are available in Shore 5A, 00-30A and 00-10A hardnesses. They are easy to mix and cure quickly with a tack-free surface. Color with Silc Pig pigments or paint with silicone paints. Ecoflex™ rubbers are incredibly stretchy and strong . . . Great for animatronics, special effects and orthotic/orthopedic applications.

 Body Double™ Mix-&-Apply-To-Skin Silicone has become the industry standard for making lasting molds of the face, hands and other body parts. Copies perfect detail from any original. Cast As Many Times As You Want! - Unlike alginates, you can cast anything into a Body Double™ mold and make many castings from a single mold - not just one. Finished molds last a long time.
For production casting, you can't beat Body Double™.

Alja-Safe® Acrobat® Lifecasting Alginate

Lifecasting A Face Using Body Double

Lifecasting A Female Torso Using Body Double Silicone Rubber

Making a Mold of a Face Using Alja-Safe Alginate

Making a resin casting of a hand using Alja Safe and Smooth Cast 300Q

Martha Stewart Making a Mold of a Hand Using Alja-Safe®

Using Alja-Safe® Alginate To Make Molds Of Body Parts

Watch more video online at Youtube

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