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Laminating Epoxy Resins  
EpoxAmite® 100 Laminating Epoxy
 EpoxAmite® 100 Laminating Epoxy
EpoxAmite® 100 Laminating Epoxy

EpoxAmite® 100 Epoxy Laminating System is an easy-to-use liquid epoxy system formulated for a wide variety of fabrication applications. EpoxAmite® 100 Laminating System is unfilled, low in viscosity, odorless and cures at room temperature.

Cured epoxy displays exceptional physical and performance properties. It can be sanded, shaped, machined, drilled, tapped and painted. EpoxAmite® 100 Laminating System can be used with reinforcements such as S-Glass, E-Glass, Kevlar and Carbon fibers for lay-up applications or composite parts. EpoxAmite® 100 Resin can also be mixed with fillers such as fumed silica for gel coat applications. Urefil® 3, Urefil® 7 and other fillers can be added for fairing, filleting or bonding applications.

EpoxAmite® 100 Base and 101 FAST Hardener
EpoxAmite® 100 Base and 102 MEDIUM Hardener
EpoxAmite® 100 Base and 103 SLOW Hardener

Free Form® AIR Lightweight Epoxy Putty
 Free Form® AIR Lightweight Epoxy Putty
Free Form® AIR Lightweight Epoxy Putty

Free Form® AIR is an extremely lightweight epoxy putty suitable for an infinite variety of industrial and art-related applications.  This is a low-odor, low shrinkage putty that is unique, inexpensive and easy to use.   Free Form® AIR is mixed by hand with a 1A:1B by volume mix ratio.  It offers a long working time and cures overnight at room temperature to a hard, rigid epoxy that is very strong with modeling board-like properties.  Cured Free Form® AIR is so lightweight, it will float in water.  It can be sanded, shaped, drilled, tapped and CNC machined/routered.  It will readily accept any paint.  Free Form can also be color pigmented with SO-Strong® or Ignite® colorants.

After mixing, Free Form® AIR can be pressed into a mold to make a lightweight, detailed casting. It will hold vertical surfaces and can be applied to almost any surface including polystyrene foam for rough sculpting.   Free Form® Air putty can also be used to make rigid support shells or mother molds.
Epoxy Laminating; Laminate Free Form® AIR putty in between layers of EpoxAmite® Laminating Epoxy and fiberglass cloth, carbon or other fiber for making lightweight composite parts.  Eliminates the need to make multiple layers of laminating with liquid epoxy; saves time and labor.

Epoxy Tooling Applications – use as a filleting material.  Also good for jig and fixture construction.

Used as a lightweight adhesive, Free Form® AIR will bond to itself and a variety of surfaces including wood, stone and EpoxAcoat® Red surface coat epoxy.  Free Form will even cure under water.

Pot Life/Working Time; this material is mass sensitive.  The more material you mix at one time, the less time you have to work with it. Working tip;  If mixing a large quantity, flatten putty with a rolling pin to reduce mass concentration and extend pot life.

  • Thickness;   1.5 inch (3.81 cm) – pot life is 30 minutes, handling time is 2.5 hours, full cure in 24 hours.
  • Thickness;   3/8” (0.95 cm) – pot life is 60 minutes, handling time is 4 hours, full cure in 24 hours.
  • Thickness;   1/8” (0.32 cm) - pot life is 120 minutes; handling time is 8 hours, full cure in 24 hours.

EpoxAcoat® Surface Coat Epoxy
 EpoxAcoat® Surface Coat Epoxy
EpoxAcoat® Surface Coat Epoxy
EpoxAcoat® RED and EpoxAcoat® GREY are thixotropic epoxy gel coats which are widely used for hand laminating/tooling applications. They are tough and strong surface coat resins which cure at room temperature and offer exceptional abrasion resistance.

EpoxAcoat® RED and EpoxAcoat® GREY are easy to use, wet out well over a variety of surfaces and will coat vertical surfaces without sagging. After the epoxy becomes “tacky-hard” at room temperature, fiberglass cloth is laminated behind the surface coat using EpoxAmite® Laminating Epoxy to produce strong, lightweight tools that have excellent dimensional stability and surface finish.  Free Form AIR® Epoxy Putty can also be used in conjuntion with EpoxAcoat ® and EpoxAmite®.

Cured surface machines precisely without chipping. Applications include precision tooling, master and pattern making, core boxes and fixtures.

EpoxAmite® Dispensing Pumps
 EpoxAmite® Dispensing Pumps
EpoxAmite® Dispensing Pumps
EpoxAmite® pumps are calibrated to deliver the correct amount of Part A resin and Part B hardener with a single push.
One Push ‘A' + One Push ‘B' = Correct Amount of Product to Mix.

No need to weigh components using a gram scale or measure by volume using graduated cups. Pumps are identified by label on pump head.
Note: These pumps are for EpoxAmite® laminating resins ONLY

Click here to view pump installation instruction PDF

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